Summer Training

A submarine, destroyer, and aircraft carrier cruising


The summer after first year, rising third class Midshipmen go either to Norfolk or San Diego for Cortramid. Here they spend four weeks getting acquainted with different parts of the Navy – Surface, Submarine, Aviation, and Marine. Hopefully after a week with each community, they will have a better idea of how they desire to serve in the Naval forces.

Surface cruise

Surface Cruise

Surface cruises offer MIDN a chance to explore all facets of shipboard life from enlisted to Officer living and what it takes to run a US Navy vessel. These cruises allow MIDN to spend quality time both at sea and exploring some of the coolest ports in the world.

submarine cruise

Submarine Cruise

Midshipmen are able to interact closely with both the officers and enlisted submariners on a Submarine cruise. From the first day, they will observe how high and uncompromising the demand on each submariner is. They learn that although the submarine requires hard work from each individual, the teamwork between the officers and enlisted makes the submarine force so efficient, powerful, and safe. By the end of their cruise, Midshipmen will really understand and appreciate how challenging, yet rewarding, it is to be a submariner.

Jets on the flight deck

Aviation Cruise

Midshipmen spend 3-4 weeks with a squadron, experiencing daily life as an aviator. While there, they get a first hand look at how a squadron operates, and typically get a handful of training flights. Most are lucky enough to get some stick time as well.

Navy EOD divers receiving instruction

EOD Cruise

Midshipmen will learn a ton about an EOD community that values its privacy. The EOD technicians that Midshipmen will meet are exceptional patriots and professionals that truly love what they do. The evaluation involves plenty of hands-on evolutions and physical conditioning, testing Midshipmen’s ability to lead.

marine platoon run

Officer Candidate School

After their third year, Marine Option Midshipmen will attend the six-week PLC Senior’s course at Marine Officer Candidate School (OCS). The mission of OCS is to educate and train officer candidates in Marine Corps knowledge and skills within a controlled and challenging environment in order to evaluate and screen individuals for the leadership, moral, mental, and physical qualities required for commissioning as a Marine Corps officer.


nurse cruise

Nurse Cruise

On a Nursing cruise, a Nurse-option Midshipmen will be stationed on a ship to gain practical experience. While on cruise, Nurse-Options can expect to spent a majority of their time in the medical department taking blood, practicing IVs and observing surgeries.